K. Raydo is a Texas native, comfortably settled in the weird, wild world of NYC.

A ghostwriter & editor, she specializes in romantic fiction works with a side of the spectral and creepy. She is also the co-founder and content editor of Day Job Optional—a resource blog for digital nomads and freelance writers.


  • She spends a significant portion of her year traveling, typically in Central America, South America, and Eastern Europe.
  • She is enamored with all things spooky and dark, but will still have a good happy cry at a cheesy rom-com.
  • She is an eternal sucker for morally gray characters.
  • Her love for researching is second only to writing.
  • And, yes. She has a dog. Maybe the best dog. She thinks definitely the best dog.

Her current projects include developing a modern romantic trilogy and writing her first non-ghosted novel.

Please feel free to stalk her here and here.